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Weight Loss - Be Healthy

Written By ummul salamah on Monday, August 13, 2012 | 11:55 PM

Weight Loss - quick and economical

About a year agone, I went for my work needed, physical examination. As a result, I visited my personal medical man for consultation. He convinced Maine, by jumping up and down and yelling at Maine for concerning fifteen minutes that I required to lose some weight. I finally raised each my hands and explicit , "I get the pik-cha."

I asked him a way to act doing that and he told Maine, by once more jumping up and down and yelling at Maine for an additional fifteen minutes. i am going to tell you what he aforesaid somewhat later.

The Doctor wished to visualize Maine once more in 3 months. By then I had lost forty pounds. He asked Maine however I did that and that i told him, "I did what my doctor told Maine to try to to."

He said, "Now the matter are going to be keeping it off."
I have a dear friend, who I will name "Rotunda." She asked me how I lost the weight and when I told her, she said, "Oh. That wouldn't work for me. A woman's body is different."
I recently found this quote translated into about 6 languages. "Arithmetic doesn't lie." Pertaining to weight loss, it works like this. If a body needs and uses, say, a thousand units of energy daily and takes on a thousand fifty units, it will store the unused energy in the form of FAT and the weight of that body will increase. If the body uses nine hundred fifty units of energy daily, it will tap its FAT reserves and the overall mass of the body will decrease. It's simple arithmetic, and arithmetic doesn't lie.
My friend, Rotunda, chose a cutesy diet based on three meals daily in which she counts the calories, or energy units of each meal. Then, when temptation is "just too overwhelming," she succumbs and pigs out on something. Her weight loss goal is 25 pounds every six months. She is failing to meet her goal, miserably. I'm almost a foot taller than she is and at that rate, I figure that in five years, she'll still out-weigh me. I set up her ring tone on my cell phone as "The Baby Elephant Walk."
Now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being FAT, well, except for the fact that it contributes to heart disease, bone deficiencies, high blood pressure, organ failures and diabetes (type 2), to list just a few of the problems. Other problems include difficulty in walking. A very FAT person's thighs tend to slap together when they walk, so they can't walk very fast, or very far. Just imagine getting blisters on your inner thighs! When the bones start showing the extra wear and tear, the person starts heaving from side to side as they walk because their knees or hips, or both, ache. Agility becomes a major issue because balancing all that extra energy as they do things like climb stairs, enter a roller coaster seat or TRY to make love, makes things awkward. They just can't jiggle it around effectively. There is also the problem of accessing those hidden body parts when they are buried in a sea of, uh, stored up energy.
Gaining weight is a real pleasure. I love to eat. We all do, but all that pleasure accrues in time and to compensate, that is to say, lose that extra weight it takes the opposite of pleasure. We'll call that, "displeasure." Being hungry is a displeasure. Weight loss requires being hungry. Arithmetic doesn't lie.
What my doctor told me to do, I did. It was very unpleasant and it still is, because I am maintaining the weight. He said to get a height weight chart and figure out how much I should weigh. That research revealed that I was at my ideal weight when I graduated from High School, a long time ago. I am sixty five years old.
He further instructed me to eat breakfast only - a big breakfast. It should be high protein, low or no carbs and low or no sugar. He further instructed me to eat no lunch, no snacks and no dinner. He said when I get home from work and I'm hungry, work out till I break a sweat, every day. He said, "Be hungry!" Get used to it. Make it a life style. Learn to look forward to it. Otherwise you'll be meeting lots of people like me, wearing white lab coats and stethoscopes. It'll be expensive."
After about six weeks of that terrible regimen, I started bringing a lunch to work with me consisting of an apple and one cup (eight ounces) of raw almonds or cashews. I still had no evening meal. The rapidity of my weight loss slowed, but didn't stop. When I achieved target weight, I went back to see him and he said, "Statistically, only about twenty percent of the population has the guts to do what you did."
Now, to maintain my high school weight, I still eat a huge breakfast, a light lunch and these days, a very light dinner. I eat enough that I don't have to be hungry anymore, much. I get on the scale twice each day and keep my weight within one or two pounds of the target. When I get too high over the target, I skip lunch and dinner again, until it's back where it should be. I still pig out now and then, but when I do, I usually have a price to pay in the form of hunger, the next day.
I'm not recommending that others should take my doctor's advice. The diet was severe but effective. Arithmetic doesn't lie. I contest that it takes guts to do this. What it takes is adequate motivation. Mine was elevated sugar. The Doc said if I lose the weight, the problem will go away. I did and it did. If I get more than two pounds over target, the sugar starts to come back. I'd rather be hungry than diabetic. Being thin can be annoying. Now none of my clothes fit.
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