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Simple Weight Loss Tips - Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Written By ummul salamah on Thursday, December 5, 2013 | 7:14 PM

You can find simple weight loss tips almost anywhere. There are many articles online offering to be the next best thing for losing weight, and the television has numerous infomercials pushing exercise gadgets with promises of a svelte physique. We are bombarded with messages of getting skinny fast, yet there are really some very basic common sense solutions that will help you cure the battle of the bulge forever.

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The number one thing that you can do to start reducing your waistline is to admit that you are overweight. I speak from experience when I tell you that it can be really hard to look at yourself in the mirror, and admit that you have put on some pounds.

I had gotten to the point where I refused to buy new clothes for myself because I knew that I had gone up two dress sizes since getting married and having my son. I held on to the weight because I was now a wife and mother with responsibilities to my family. I had begun to lose myself, and put myself last. This was the first step for me, to admit that I needed to take care of me.

The next step is to identify the reasons that you are overweight. For most people, this step is really easy to admit to. I eat too many potato chips, I cannot shake my cravings for chocolate. My parents were heavy, and I am too.

My reasons for the weight gain are that I don't handle stress well. I have a stressful job, and I am constantly under pressure to be Wonder Woman to my family. As such, my penchant for red wine, french fries, chocolate, and Michael Jackson music (well, maybe I can keep the Michael Jackson music), had me looking puffy all over. Admitting this to myself made all the difference in my weight loss results.

Next, the real solution lies in learning to change your negative behaviors, and replacing the foods that are not making you feel good about yourself with good healthy food choices that will give you energy, and help you shed pounds. Take action, clean out your refrigerator, get healthy food, start exercising, and stick with your program.

These are all simple weight loss tips that you can start using today. Get your mind around where you want to be, and become fearless with your goals.

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