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Lose Weight - Make A Simple Change And Have Fast Weight Loss

Written By ummul salamah on Thursday, December 5, 2013 | 7:16 PM

The obesity problem has been broadcast all over the news; the need to lose weight has been seen on many different shows on TV. The obesity problem is out of control and it is not too late to start losing pounds not only to be thinner but for reason of becoming healthier and living longer. Where did it all begin and why has it come to this?

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The Beginning - The Obesity Crisis

Going back in time to the 1950s the food manufactures started to add preservative chemicals to keep food fresh and last longer on store shelves. The newly added preservatives have the ability to sustain food on the shelves for many weeks. This allowed for more food, less waste and more profit. Since this worked well the food manufactures began adding other chemicals to actually replace natural ingredients. Some of these chemical ingredients stimulate the brain and acts like a drug, the brain continually wants more. Many of the boxed and pre-packaged foods are mostly made up of chemicals today, these chemicals have a hard time being processed and digested in the body and eventually is stored as fat.

Lose Weight Fast

In the last couple of years the talk was about fat. Let's not put fat in the foods and make them fat free. What the manufactures did was added sugar and removed the fat; the problem is that sugar turns into fat. Now everyone is talking about carbohydrates, eat foods with no carbs. Many of these foods are chemically altered to remove the carbs, this process is not natural and the chemicals used added fat. Nutritionists report that by eating natural foods with few or no chemicals will start the fat burning process and allow the body to turn into a furnace that burns calories, fat and carbs. By increasing the number of times you eat will cause the body to burn fat quicker. Recent reports show that those individuals that eat more natural foods tend to lose weight faster and become healthier than those who do not.

Weight Loss - How To Start

Education and knowledge is the key to losing weight. By understanding what ingredients are in foods and by swapping them out for better foods, the weight loss process can begin. The power is the knowledge; there is no need for counting, starving, and constantly being frustrated with diets. Using this knowledge will allow anyone to lose weight.
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