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"Personal Patience" - Overcoming Fat, the Load Loss Sickness

Written By ummul salamah on Monday, September 3, 2012 | 1:04 AM

Patience could be a funny issue, we have a tendency to all say we've it however our actions say otherwise. we'd like patience daily however lots folks do not follow it, particularly with the one person we must always follow it the foremost, which is with ourselves.

What is patience? per the wordbook it's the capability to just accept or tolerate delay; bother or suffering while not obtaining upset or angry. Let's scrutinize the art of being patient from the angle of fat the load loss sickness. people that ar fighting AN current sickness or addiction won't get well the least bit or for a few, it's going to take several treatments and continual visits to doctors once handling any sickness. coupled with fat the load loss sickness, that at this time, isn't identifiable.

Many individuals, myself enclosed, wish a moment fix - we glance for cult diets, that one nice pill, and therefore the exercise machine which will permit U.S. to take a seat on the couch and lose inches. once these items do not work, we have a tendency to get terribly annoyed angry and typically even unhappy. I keep in mind one in every of my doctors told ME I did not gain weight long thus i'd not change state long. even if i do know this in my heart, there ar times after I will weigh myself over one to 2 times per week, falling back in dangerous feeding habits, that typically simply sounds like a compulsion that i am unable to appear to regulate.

Even now there are times that I eat items, at night that are not good for me, because you know eating after six at night is a "no-no" when you are working on your weight. I was struggling with what to write in this article until this very moment when I reviewed my activity over the past week. I can't tell you how many times I ate the wrong things and how when I am sitting quietly it feels like my body is putting on fat all on its own. I can't number the times I cried out to God to "give me an eating and exercising strategy to loose and maintain the weight and for added self control". These behaviors and thought patterns do not exhibit Personal Patience.
I teach my preschoolers it's okay when they can't put a puzzle together, or write their name, or identify their letters. I encourage them to keep trying and to never quit.
When it comes to my own personal life, I lose patience with myself, I will say that it has gotten better over the years, but at times I still struggle with Personal Patience. Funny, I can encourage babies and others but not myself. Have you ever felt like you give great advice and don't apply it? I am extra hard on myself, sometimes I think too hard. I can repeat a loss of self control mentally over and over again. I can berate and argue with myself about skipping a day of exercise, but when dealing with another person I can sympathize, with another human beings, short comings, stumbles and falls much easier and more naturally than my own. We all know that people are human and make mistakes and that they can get back up again. Am I any less human? Do I deserve any less patience from myself than I give to others? Do you find yourself in an abusive relationship with yourself? If you do, then today is the day we will vow to be patient with ourselves no matter how many times we have to push the reset button and start our day, week, or month over. I will understand and hope you will too, that our struggle is with an ongoing disease and addiction that we may not be able to cure but with the right steps we can control it.
So we will learn to develop the patience we give to others to ourselves and we will vow to be patient with ourselves as we develop patience with ourselves. This is a daily battle we will continue to fight that I truly believe we will win and our first step should be developing patience, personal patience that is. Join the war against impatience with ourselves. Let us be victorious starting today.
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