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Lose Ten Pounds in Two Weeks with this Simple Diet Plan

Written By ummul salamah on Monday, December 2, 2013 | 11:58 PM

Losing weight and living healthier is not about getting the perfectly sculpted body but instead is more about staying fit and ensuring a long, disease free life. We all know by now that those extra pounds we all have can spell illness and possibly death if left unchecked. All across the country, people are beginning to live a healthier life style and the secret is weight loss.
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Most people have a few pounds that they would like to lose but it takes a lot of hard work and change. Moreover, it takes changes in your lifestyle, both in being more physically active, and in improving your diet. Losing even just one or two pounds is difficult and requires a level of commitment on your part, but losing the last ten pounds can be hardest of all. Remember to be realistic about your weight loss.

What if you wanted to lose ten pounds in two weeks through exercise and dieting? Is that possible? I say yes and here is how:

    The first thing I want rid of all that bad food in your refrigerator and cupboards. That's right. Throw it all away. You won't need to have any sugary snacks, cookies, candy or soda in your house since you won't be cheating, right? I know throwing out perfectly good food is difficult but this food isn't good for you. It's bad for you, remember that.
    Plan out the steps of your diet even including those little steps you may not think are important. Always stay away from those troublesome carbs. I know it sounds like a cliché to mention but you really do need to limit your carb intake. 28 grams a day is a good number and realistic too because it is basically just a sandwich at lunch topped with some vegetables. I substitute carb-heavy foods like pasta with meals of eggs, chicken, and vegetables with some fruit as desert. You can eat salads but don't use any dressing. Go with lemon juice instead. It is much healthier for you.
    Stay disciplined and stick to all of your daily routines. Always eat at set, normal times and don't eat late or over eat. Go to the gym and work out on a consistent and regular basis. Exercise is very important so you should walk whenever it is possible such as to the store, a friend's house or even to work.
    You absolutely, positively need to exercise. If you don't exercise properly and consistently, you're just spinning your wheels because you won't accomplish anything without it. Get off the couch, join a gym and start doing cardio through aerobics classes, bicycling, running, etc.
    This last and final step seems too easy to be true but it easily just as important as any other step. Drink plenty of water. Fruit juices are good for you but there are many brands which contain a lot of sugar and therefore carbs.


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