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Quick Muscle Gain, Simple Steps to Top Bodybuilding Supplements Gaining Muscle Fast

Written By ummul salamah on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 | 6:06 AM

No matter what age, weight, height or metabolism a person is; the key to gaining muscle fast comes down to a few very basic but very important facts:

1. Weight training: types and techniques
2. Rest: Between exercise and sleep
3. Food; The most important thing when it comes to quick muscle gain. Calories and nutrients.

Weight training;

Quick muscle gain is achieved through exercising 3- 4 times a week, and this takes dedication and commitment. It is important to continue your exercise routine week by week to achieve your goal of gaining muscle fast. The 2 types of weight lifting are;

1. Isolation exercise

Isolation exercise is when you use only one joint in motion at a time. This includes such exercises as bicep curls, leg extensions and hammers. Isolation exercise is good for maintaining the muscle that is already built.

2. Compound exercise

Compound exercise is by far the ultimate way to gaining muscle fast. This includes bench press, squats, and dead lifts. Exercise like squats will work a whole range of muscles and joints at once like your back, ankles, hamstrings, knees, quads and hips. It also improves core strength! The true way to quick muscle gain is compound exercises.
Technique during your exercise is vitally important. This will greatly reduce injury but also increase the rate of gaining muscle fast. There are many programs outlining the correct techniques for types of weightlifting.


1. Quick muscle gain will only work when you actually give your muscles a chance to rest! Every time we work out we are actually ripping our muscles and they will only recover to build in between workout. To do this try focusing on particular types of muscle groups during weight training like back legs and abs, and then alternate to another particular group the following day. Like chest biceps and shoulders. By doing this the first group have been given a chance to recover and are definitely gaining muscle fast!

2. Resting also involves sleep! Sleeping from 6 to 8 hours a night is important when weight training. This gives those tired muscles a chance to recover and build even faster, also improving cognitive function and overall energy level s. So make sure you find the time to get sleep in your busy regime your body will thank you! Plenty of rest and exercising properly will top bodybuilding supplements anywhere providing you with the quick muscle gain you desire.


What we consume and how much we consume is by far the most critical piece of information we must know when it comes to gaining muscle fast. Understanding your daily caloric intake and what the right nutrients are to eat is the key to a ripped physique.

Calorie intake is important and can be calculated through age, weight, gender, height and overall metabolism of an individual. There are many programs out there to help us with our own calorie intake.

Nutrition involves protein, carbohydrates and fats these are the vital ingredients that will top bodybuilding supplements anywhere producing quick muscle gain and are simply found in all the foods we eat! The key is choosing the correct sorts of food

- Protein such as eggs, lean meat, poultry, fish, nuts, beans and lentils are great for building muscle and is not stored in the body either, so whatever we don't use will simply remove as waste. Protein is known as a macronutrient which is good energy for our bodies.

- Carbohydrates are extremely important when it comes to putting on the weight needed for quick muscle gain. Although there is a lot of confusion when it comes to this subject, complex carbs such as vegetables, sweet potatoes only, whole grain rice and breads, oatmeal, beans are perfect sources of this helping the skinny guy get those results!



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