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Simple Way to Lose Weight: Fight Cellulite Fast With Body Wraps

Written By ummul salamah on Thursday, December 5, 2013 | 6:53 PM

What image does the phrase 'body wrap' bring on your mind? If you are picturing the ancient Egyptian mummies - a body wrapped in some plastic or bandage, you are close but that is not really it. In the ancient Egyptian and Greek times, there were many ways of dealing with skin conditions especially ailments such as leprosy, acne and others. One of the most effective treatments involved applying herbal medications on the skin and wrapping it tightly with a bandage. Today, this technique has been perfected by researchers and enthusiasts as they have managed to formulate creams, gels and clays that can be used not only to treat various diseases but also cleanse the skin, detoxify the body and burn fats.

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Most people today go for body wraps because they are looking for a simple yet faster way to burn fat - to get in shape fast and safely. The use of body wraps to lose weight may also be referred to as vasodilation and is done in 2 stages. The first involves applying a gel or clay on the skin and the second is wrapping it tightly with a towel or bandage. The clay is often what determines how effective a body wrap is. Some are concocted specially for removing fats and cellulite and others for detoxifying the skin.

Do you want to lose fats and get a shapely figure fast? What I can assure you is that if you find the right body wrap, you can lose inches of fats fast, even within hours. This is a safe and natural approach to use because the clay is made of natural elements and ingredients such as mud, algae, seaweed and herbal creams. They have absolutely no negative effects on the skin or your health just as long as you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Body wraps will get rid of wastes such as toxins and debris beneath the skin besides sweating the fats away by acting as a warmth blanket. When this happens, it cleanses the skin and opens blood vessels, in the process improving the health of the skin and depositing the much needed natural elements, nutrients and essential fats that nourish the skin and keep it tight and flexible. Although the results of skin wraps are impressive, they are temporary and cannot be relied upon for long term or significant weight loss. This method only works to remove inches of fat and restore the body's shape for a few days or up to a few weeks.
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