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High Protein Diet Plan - Women's Guide To Dropping Inches FAST

Written By ummul salamah on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 | 5:39 AM

Using a high protein diet plan to lose weight is a painless and relatively easy way and get into your favorite skinny jeans without killing yourself doing torturous workouts at the gym or starving yourself until you pass out.

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In fact, Asian women have been using multiple versions of the same basic high protein diet plan for centuries, and have mastered the art of burning fat and staying ultra-lean even just after having a baby!

Today we're going to look at how you can benefit from a simple high protein diet that will let you slim down while feeling great.

High Protein Diet Plan - The Skinny Asian Way

Now you're not going to learn ALL of the tricks and tips Asian women use to get their petite waistlines in just a single short article. But you CAN pick up some high protein diet plan suggestions that will get you on the road to the body you deserve without suffering:

1. Make your breakfast count.

Breakfast is so critical for true permanent weight loss that it's the very first thing I cover with new students in my local weight-loss classes. You must commit to breakfast, and you must fuel your body with the right foods to ignite its fat-burning potential for the rest of the day.

Some simple morning items you'll want to concentrate on are eggs (I go with 6 x egg whites and 2 x yolks), cottage cheese (excellent source of natural protein), tofu (yep, this relatively bland food is a great way to rev up your system), chicken, or lean meat.

Avoid things like muffins, croissants, any kind of white bread, store-bought fruit juice drinks (although you CAN have an actual apple or orange if you wish), oatmeal (yep, we Asian girls never eat this for breakfast despite what you've read. Bigtime carb), or cereal (another deadly carb).

2. Lunch time is the right time.

Lunch is the next big meal you'll plan for while on this high protein diet plan and it's important you don't fell prey to any fast-food nonsense if you're going out to lunch with the girls at the office each day.

Stick to sliced turkey, chicken, ham, pork, fish, or lean meat at lunch, and be sure to avoid things like hamburger buns (high carbs), french fries (no way), any greasy food like pizza slices (sorry), and the rest of the usual suspects.

Remember, if you eat right at lunch and get a lot of great protein in you'll be full and won't have that mid-afternoon drowsiness that many people get from falling blood sugar levels after eating a high-carb lunch.

3. Dinner is nothing to fear.

For your final meal of the day it's important for you to know two things. First, don't fear it. You're not going to fall off the wagon once you've had a great day of staying sharp on your breakfast and lunch, so don't build up fear about resisting typical dinner pitfalls. Second, the same rules apply here that they did previously. It's easy to remember your base food choices that feature protein, use them at dinner to make more exotic dishes to reward yourself for a great day of staying focused on your high protein diet plan.

Fish, chicken, lean meat, tofu, soy, and any other food composed primarily of protein are all fine here. Definitely stay away from any potatoes (common at American dinners), rice (no rice past lunch, that's the rule), and breads (biscuits are out).

No desserts for the most part, as 99% of our favorite treats have very little protein and a TON of sugar in them, which is the most common reason why you may not be losing weight.

These basics of the high protein diet plan will keep your metabolism firing all day, and all night too, and you should see results from your hard work in as little as a week. It sure beats killing yourself at the gym, that's for sure.

What If You Still Can't Lose Any Weight?

If you can't seem to make any progress towards getting the sexy and lean body you want even after being on a high protein diet plan you'll want to learn a more powerful secret free method that Asian women do to force fat off of their belly and thighs in less than a month...without starving or doing crazy workouts.


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